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תיקון תכשיטים
Ido Kende - Jewlery artist


ido is a well trained goldsmith and a Jeweler and  of high quality fine gold jewelry. Living and breathing jewelry for about 15 years. 

My vocational training includes a graduate of industrial goldsmith studies of the Israeli industry office, and the Maziar Yeshuron stone setting  prestigious school. Ido Has a rich experience in the jewelry industry and is an expert in the production and creation of gold, precious gems stones and diamonds fine jewelery for private customers as well as the jewelry industry in Israel and around the world with a large and dedicated clientele.
I started my journey in the Far East playing with basic technics on the village goldsmith’s bench, or sitting on the floor more accurate to say..
I just fell in love with the profession and from then until today I deepened and studied and am still learning and deepening. I sat down to work under the best goldsmiths in Israel, working as an apprentice in the old fashion way. there I acquired many tools, abilities, mostly techniques and high abilities. improving step by step.

Over the years, I have taken part in a number of projects that requires high skill and ability, such as: designing luxury jewelry that was sold in prestigious boutique sales. i also took part in the gold plating of the Ark of the Covenant in the synagogue of Rabbi Yehuda Hassid in Jerusalem. a project that requiers gentleness and endless hours of delicate and exact work.
I also founded, taught and managed a professional workshop in a restoration center, I taught and trained Several goldsmiths under my hands and more.

Today I design and produce fine gold jewelry at a high level and quality for personal custom made orders in almost any style. I have a strong attraction to quality  gemstones and in combination with high abilities I give a lot of emphasis to the design and structure of the jewelry to an equal extent and in an uncompromising manner.
A proper jewelry is on the border of luxury and actual need according to my point of view. Each designed piece of jewelry is soul-expanding and has a strong effect.
All my jewelry that is produced under my hands are made with great love, attention to small details and above all high quality and boutique service.
I am a craftsman and an artist in my soul and enjoy creating and deepening in every layer. I love the craft so much that even jewelry repair receives equal treatment from me for any designed piece of jew. 


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